Our goal

The Napmajor is a meeting point, a community space where our old desire has come true. Napmajor’s closeness to nature and its atmosphere provide the perfect and supportive backdrop for retreats and adventure programs.
Located only 60 kilometres from the capital, the farm has been continuously developed and beautified since spring 2019.
Our goal is to make Napmajor a retreat place that embraces a wide range of activities, where water and horse activities, family and individual experience programs, meditation and yoga can be combined, strengthening each other’s healing effects meanwhile building a community.
In addition, one of the fundamental aims of the Napmajor was to bring its experiential programs to children from disadvantaged backgrounds or from foster care.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide life-changing experiences for children in foster care or from disadvantaged backgrounds. We believe that every experience they have is an opportunity that can be life-changing for these children. That’s why it’s important to us to be able to offer a chance to this common experience where these children can experience safety, attention and build their confidence through collective games and experiences.

On this one-day program children can explore self-awareness games, movement exercises and get to know horses with the help of the Napmajor Team. This program is an experience-rich, nature-based recreation for all ages.

Our motto

“Whatever you are, wherever you come from, we accept you!” 


In life, everyone is who they are, but what everyone wants most is to be accepted, regardless of their situation or abilities. We believe that everyone deserves the same attention and opportunity, which is why we focus our programs on acceptance and sensitization within the community. As András Simon writes: “Please accept me as I am, and I will be better.”


Our organization, the Paci Doki Foundation serves this mission and purpose with all of its activities and programs in Napmajor.

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